Notice of Delinquency

Notice of Delinquency Form in Income Deduction

This Notice of Delinquency form is only for use by the custodial parent, or an attorney representing the custodial parent, who is initiating income deduction and withholding when an income deduction order is effective upon a delinquency in an amount equal to one month's support.  The custodial parent or their attorney may enforce the income deduction order by providing a notice of delinquency to the obligor.

In the processes described below, you are not only notifying the obligor of their delinquency in the nonpayment of child support but, you are also placing the income deduction with the obligor’s employer or payor(s).

Processes and Forms

The processes and forms outlined in Steps 1, 2 and 3, on the home page of this website, must be followed to ensure the correct paperwork is provided to all involved in the income deduction process.  Along with the forms identified at Step 2, you must also send a copy of the notice of delinquency to the payor(s).

There are two Notice of Delinquency form options to select from – a fillable PDF version or a PDF version.  Both forms may be printed.  Select the form of your choice:

The enforcement of the income deduction order may only be contested by the obligor, or an attorney representing the obligor, on the ground of mistake of fact regarding the amount of support owed pursuant to a support order, the arrearages, or the identity of the obligor.

The obligor may apply to the court to contest enforcement of the order once the notice of delinquency has been received.  The application to contest enforcement will not affect the enforcement of the income deduction order unless and until a court enters an order granting relief to the obligor.