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Terminate IWO

Consent Order to Terminate Income Withholding

This Consent Order To Terminate Income Withholding is ONLY for use by parties who are in agreement that the noncustodial parent has fulfilled the child support obligation in full.

Be sure to attach proof of the youngest child's age and proof of graduation from high school. When you file the motion with the clerk, send a letter with the consent order and ask them to forward that to the judge and that once it is signed, they have it filed with the clerk and send a copy to you.  Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they can send you the signed order. It is your responsibility to get the order to your employer.

Select the form of your choice below:

  • The PDF Fillable form may be completed on-line, and then printed.
  • The PDF form must be printed, and then can be completed.

Forms - Motion and Consent Order

If the Motion and Consent Order process is not possible, you may want to consider other options. Below are suggestions that may be helpful when communicating with the employer that the child support obligation has been fully met pursuant to the court order, and that the withholding of child support should stop. 

  1.  Send a copy of the child's birth certificate and high school diploma to the employer's payroll department, together with a copy of your child support order, showing (and perhaps even highlighting) the duration of support language. If your employer has a separate legal department, send a copy there as well.
  2. If the employer requires a court order to stop the withholding of child support, contact an attorney for further assistance.